Income Opportunity as a Distributor of Richway Biomats

April 30, 2020

Income Opportunity as a Distributor of Richway Biomats


Did you know that the average millionaire have seven streams of income? Diversifying income creates a more resilient and well rounded approach that is less vulnerable when (not if) recession hits. Some people have 3 jobs, but we're not talking about trading time for money. We're talking about your natural inclination to help others and getting paid for it. For those looking for business ventures which create semi-passive and residual income, becoming a Biomat distributor can be a very rewarding option.

As a Biomat Distributor you can help marathon runners speed recovery time. You can help others bolster their immune system. You can help relieve joint and muscle pain. And the most common ailment of all, you can help people reduce the stress in their lives, which is the precursor to many diseases. People find that having the ability to help others is the most rewarding part of being a Biomat distributor; however, you can also feel fulfilled by serving as a teaching figure and communicating the positive benefits of using the Biomat to your clients and with others. 

Together Everyone Achieves More

Becoming a Biomat distributor not only creates opportunity to help others, but you'll inevitably be growing your social network and sphere of influence. As part of this opportunity you will become part of the Richway Family, who become an essential source of support in developing your offerings to the community. Distributorship can create many valuable relationships while conducting business and representing these amazing products. Additionally, you have the ability to work when it is most convenient for you so there is no added pressure while hitting team milestones. 

Richway International compensates those individuals who choose to become involved in our mission through a rewarding compensation plan. Here are three valuable points:

  • Bonuses for each level - There are specific achievement levels involved in being a Biomat distributor and bonuses are granted based on these levels. Each level has exciting financial and practical bonuses, with the top level bonuses reaching up to $20,000.

You start your Biomat distributor journey as a Partner, and as you become a more successful distributor you have the opportunity to advance and receive higher rewards. The subsequent levels include Gold Executive, Emerald Executive, Diamond Executive, and the most prestigious level the Royal Family.

  • Commission for each level - Every Biomat distributor earns commission on their sponsored sales based on their achievement level. The starting commission is 10%, and once you become a Diamond Executive your commission rate increases to 15%. After becoming a top-notch Biomat distributor and reaching the Royal Family level you can earn up to 20% commission, which is two times higher than what starting distributors earn. 


  • Other Types of Compensation - There are also additional compensations granted to Biomat distributors, such as discounts and automobile allowances. You will also never have to worry about delivery fees, as you are entitled to free shipping for orders within the U.S., Canada, Taiwan, China, and Korea. Plus, shipping and handling fees are free of charge for these countries.


Becoming a Biomat distributor is one of the most rewarding types of ventures you can consider as it grants you the capability to help individuals achieve their health goals, as you work toward achieving your own financial goals. Start your journey of earning a residual income while helping others by becoming a Biomat Distributor today. 


Are you ready to become part of the Biomat team? If you are interested, please fill out this form and email the completed form to

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