Biomat vs PEMF, Which Technology is Better for Relieving Pain?

February 24, 2023

Biomat vs PEMF, Which Technology is Better for Relieving Pain?

Biomat vs PEMF, Which Technology is Better for Relieving Pain?

If you have been searching for the perfect addition to your existing pain management arsenal, then you have most likely been inundated with so many options on the market. Searching for non-invasive at-home pain care means stumbling on painstaking industry jargon, strange generic imitations, and the most prominent debate on the market: Biomat vs PEMF.

Now instead of banishing you to numerous Google searches, this blog will expertly explore which of these pain relief technologies is best for you. No matter how mild or severe your pain may be!

What is PEMF technology?

Yes, unfortunately, this is yet another acronym that you will need to add to your vocabulary should you be someone who suffers from chronic pain. PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field.

This is a non-invasive pain reduction therapy that ultimately treats your cells much like batteries that need to be charged. Simply put, if your cells (batteries) are drained of energy they cannot function. This is where PEMF comes in.

Pulsed PEMF waves are sent through the body to help recharge and amplify your cell's natural energy production, so that your body can operate at its optimal levels.

Is PEMF harmful?

This is an incredibly valid question and something that gets asked a lot when doing Biomat vs PEMF comparisons. The idea of energy waves sent through your body can sound intimidating – if not a little scary. However, it should be noted that research shows that PEMF therapy is generally safe.

That being said, it is advised that individuals with electrical implants, pacemakers and insulin pumps should not make use of PEMF therapy. This is due to the possible dangers associated with the electromagnetic pulses from the PEMF that might interfere with these devices.

PEMF therapy is also not recommended for those who are pregnant.

What does a PEMF mat do?

As you probably saw from previous internet searches, when researching Biomats vs PEMF, there are many types of PEMF devices out there; however, the most popular one is the PEMF mat. This device is essentially a foldable mat that includes inner copper coils which produce low-frequency magnetic currents.

You then have the option to either lay on the mat or place it on a part of the body that needs treatment.

These waves then enter your body, and increase cellular energy, which in turn will provide you with notable pain relief.

What is far infrared technology in Biomat?

If you have been reading about top-of-the-range, elite pain management systems then there is no doubt that you have stumbled upon Biomat therapy. And there is a reason for its critical acclaim. This advanced technology makes use of far infrared wavelengths, which are safe, concentrated streams of natural light.

This incredibly powerful light is then used to stimulate calls and thus encourage the body to increase its energy production in order to power itself.

The unique addition of amethyst in Biomats also ensures that individuals experience gentle, warm healing while relieiving stress from the body.

Better yet, this exclusive technology also ensures greater circulation of cells and ignites molecular healing, which will alleviate pain points in the body. Biomat’s use of far infrared and negative ion technology also guarantees that you are receiving ensured holistic care.

What does a far-infrared mat do?

When looking at Biomat vs PEMF comparisons, you will notice that Biomats involve laying down and relaxing on a 17-layer mat, and ultimately allowing the body to rejuvenate and heal itself alongside the powers of the far-infrared technology. When laying on the mat you will feel varying sensations as the infrared wavelengths begin to penetrate the skin.

These invisible beams of light are then absorbed by both cells and molecules in the body as you lie down. This process then kickstarts a number of healing processes and energy bursts that your body needs in order to alleviate pain in the body.

Do Biomats have any side effects?

The FDA-registered Biomat has undergone numerous tests to determine that there are no side effects associated with the use of Biomats. They are also 100% safe! In fact, they are so safe that you are able to sleep on top of a Biomat for a relaxing and restful sleep.

Biomat vs PEMF: The final verdict

Alright, it’s time to give our verdict on the Biomat vs PEMF debate!

The reality is that while PEMF is incredibly helpful at helping individuals cope with pains and ailments, if you are looking for full-body, holistic care, then it is definitely worth investing in a Biomat device.

By putting your trust in this elite far infrared technology, you are guaranteed access to a system that truly is on the frontier of pain management. This science-backed mat will grant you access to the most flexible and targeted treatment available on the market with exceptional results. And all of the Biomat vs PEMF research proves this.

So, explore the wonders of Biomat for yourself when you click here and unlock pain relief like never before.