What is Negative Ion Technology and its Benefits

If you’re looking for a Biomat product, you’re in the right place. Here you can learn all about what exactly is a Biomat, to Biomat Therapy and how these products have a Negative Ion Technology that combined with Far Infrared Rays give you a relaxing and pain relief experience at home.

Pursuing a holistic lifestyle is key for remaining centered and balanced. Harness the power of wellness learning all about this technology that can make you live and feel better.


What exactly is Negative Ion technology?

Have you ever experienced feeling more calm after walking in nature near a waterfall or hearing the waves of the ocean? Well, there’s a science to that, and it’s all thanks to negative ions.

negaative ions

Negative Ion Technology is an incredible tool to help relieve pain and balance your energy and mood. Negative Ions also help with boosting our energy and can have a positive effect on your health when exposed to them. 

With the Biomat, you can experience the benefits of Negative Ion Technology combined with Far Infrared Rays that help you achieve wellness and relaxation. 

What are Negative Ions?

Negative Ions are those that are created by the gain of an electron. They occur as sunlight breaks apart molecules, and are often accompanied by incredible feelings of happiness or euphoria such as those found in the natural settings of grand oceans and mountains. 

Negative Ions exist in nature, and they can come directly from ultraviolet rays from the sun, discharges of electricity, with water collisions or plants. 

The Kurera Super Fiber layer of the Biomat interacts with the DC energy created by the Far Infrared Rays. In this interference, the energy currents are filtered through and transform all positive ions to negative, infusing the air with Negative Ions. 

That’s why the Negative Ion Technology that comes with any Biomat product can do wonders for feeling good and shifting your energy and you can experience relaxation from the comfort of your home. 

Although, if you have the time, we do encourage that actual nature walk or hike for maximizing your results! 

What are the health benefits of Negative Ion technology?

Do Negative Ions actually work?

Exposure to Negative Ions can relax the nervous system, charge the immune system, relieve pain in the body and work as an antioxidant. Many researches of Negative Ion technology have said that exposure to Negative Ions can have positive effects. 

Therefore, the full potential of any Biomat product is achieved when Far Infrared Rays, Amethyst Crystal, and Negative Ion technology come together in the Biomat’s 17 specialized layers.

Are Negative Ions good for you? 

In short, yes! Like we’ve explained earlier, exposure to Negative Ions has many positive health effects and it is a great way to relieve stress and relax your body. Even high levels of exposure can reduce depression symptoms for some people.

You can also benefit from Negative Ions spending time in nature, near a waterfall or the ocean for example. Exposure to these molecules floating in the air in a natural environment can also boost your wellbeing and energy throughout the day.

Boost your mood at home using Negative Ion Technology  through Biomat products. 

Give your body the attention it deserves for reducing stress levels and pursuing a balanced healthy lifestyle. Life can often come with ups and downs, which is why taking care of yourself and setting aside some alone time for relaxation can help you achieve wellness at home and reduce stress levels.

Remember that a holistic lifestyle starts with changing your habits, going outdoors more often, exercising, eating well and building a healthy routine that makes you feel better. To enhance your wellbeing, try our products and add them to your routine!

The Biomat is a safe, effective, FDA  registered product t. It combines all the needed technologies into one relaxing, comfortable treatment you can do from home. 

Explore our products and see for yourself.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat medical conditions. Please consult with a qualified health practitioner before beginning any new health program.