Cardiovascular Benefits of the Richway Biomat

February 24, 2020

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Over the years, the medical industry has benefited from the ever-evolving advances in technology. From the traditional pharmaceuticals and costly medical equipment, experts have discovered new treatments and approaches for several health issues. Individuals who prefer non-invasive health treatment now enjoy the luxury of wholesome therapeutic healing. One of the revolutionary holistic healing products today is the Richway Biomat.

The Richway Biomat is an FDA-registered modern medical healing device that can relieve muscle pain, eliminate unhealthy effects of stress, and strengthen the cardiovascular system. It utilizes tri-synergy by combining negative ions, infrared rays, and the superconducting properties of amethyst. When you lie in a Biomat, you will feel a soothing and deep-penetrating heat that can restore the damaged cells in the body. Moreover, the infrared rays can raise the body temperature, warm up the blood, and dilate the blood vessels. When this happens, more blood can freely flow throughout the body, resulting in improved blood circulation and an enhanced cardiovascular system in no time.

So whether you’re a home user or a health practitioner, you can now purchase your Richway Biomat at and experience its holistic healing benefits right away. 

The Heart-filled Healing of the Richway Amethyst Biomat

Unlike topical treatments that do not address the root cause of the problem, the Richway Amethyst Biomat can do wonders in stimulating the cells of the body to achieve phenomenal results. It is a valuable addition to existing treatments that combine the use of therapeutic amethyst stones with far infrared technology to deliver holistic healing in several ways. Some of the superior benefits of the Richway Biomat in the cardiovascular department include a reduced prevalence of ischemia, strengthening of the cardiovascular system, skin microcirculation, and vascular endothelial function, to name a few.

For an in-depth understanding, here is how the Richway Biomat can stimulate your cardiovascular system and bring fresh oxygen to the body:

  • Increased Blood Circulation

Having adequate blood circulation is one way to support a vigorous life and avoid unplanned visits to hospitals. However, most people overlooked its significance. When you have poor blood circulation, the oxygen-rich blood and nutrients will not reach some parts of your body. You might feel coldness or a tingling sensation in the limbs. Poor circulation is prevalent in both arms and legs and causes muscle tension and pain. Cardio intensive exercise can help improve blood circulation. However, not all people have the time to get those much-needed minutes to exercise in a day.


Fortunately, the deep-penetrating infrared heat of the Richway Biomat can warm up your body and force the heart to pump more blood to improve blood circulation. When the body temperature rises, the blood vessels expand, and the blood flows smoothly. The increased blood flow removes toxins from sore muscles and promotes muscle recovery and pain relief. 

  • Strengthened Cardiovascular System

Far Infrared heat is a form of thermal radiation that is capable of boosting the cardiovascular system. In the 1980s, NASA found that infrared stimulation of the cardiovascular system is necessary to maintain the heart functions of astronauts in long space flights. 

Like cardiovascular exercise, infrared heat pumps up the heart. It can increase heart rate and cardiac output while decreasing the diastolic blood pressure. By using a Biomat, the infrared heat it releases can reduce the stress and nourish the cells with light and heat. Moreover, it increases the oxygen supply on the blood and carries off metabolic wastes products to leave the cells. 

  • Reduced Prevalence of Ischemia

Ischemia is a health condition that occurs when sticky substances -- made mostly of fat – block or build-up in the arteries. It narrows the arteries and slows down the blood flow since there is not enough room for the blood to move through. As a result, some of the body’s organs might not get enough blood supply. 

Because the organ is not getting the oxygen and nutrients it needs, it can malfunction if the ischemia persists long enough. If the affected organ is the heart, it can cause chest pain and lead to a heart attack. Fortunately, the Biomat generates a far-infrared heat that delivers comfort and relief, and at the same time, increase blood circulation in your chosen area.

The combination of the healing properties of far infrared light, negative ions, and amethyst crystal creates a unique holistic environment for people. Infrared rays from Biomat do not only relieve muscle tension; it also helps peripheral blood vessels to expand and bring healing to several chronic cardiovascular problems. The radiant heat from Biomats penetrates deep into the joints and tissues, which speed up oxygen flow and blood circulation. If you want to counteract the effects of harmful toxins and prevent cardiovascular health conditions, regular use of the Richway Biomat can bring the body into a state of wellness and recovery. Improve your cardiovascular health by purchasing a Richway Biomat through!

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