How to Relieve Cramp Pains at Home Easily

October 14, 2022

How to Relieve Cramp Pains at Home Easily

Cramp pain can have many causes.

To learn how to relieve cramp pains, you must first understand what causes them. Cramps can be distracting, and even debilitating – so it’s important to learn how to soothe and heal such pain. 

Stress can affect your health in many ways as it concentrates in various places in the body. Anxiety can upset your stomach or cause you to keep your muscles tense, both of which can cause pain and cramps. Increased stress levels can also worsen pain as the stress hormone cortisol rises. 

So, it’s important to target both physical pain and mental distress. The good news is that these two inform each other! 

The mind-body connection between your physical well-being and your mental well-being means that improving one improves the other. This gives us a wealth of options to determine how to relieve cramp pains. 

Depending on your type of pain, pain relievers may help! 

Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen can help ease muscular cramp pain. This is often the first line of defense when it comes to how to relieve cramp pains, but there are many situations in which it’s not a great idea to take them. 

Firstly, taking over-the-counter medication of any kind long-term can have negative health effects like rebound headaches or degradation of the stomach lining, which causes more pain over time. 

Many pain relievers should also never be taken with alcohol, before alcohol, or after alcohol – which is not a problem for some, but is a real drawback for others! 

Luckily, there are other ways to create anti-inflammatory effects in the body.


Boost your gut and hormone health with an anti-inflammatory diet.

Your diet and levels of exercise can make a tremendous difference to your body’s stress inflammation, and by extension, your muscle cramp pain. 

Essential nutrients like potassium, magnesium, and Omega-3s can all affect your inflammation levels. 

Harvard Health recommends adding these ingredients to your diet while cutting back on inflammatory processed foods (moderation is key!). 

  • Tomatoes
  • Olive oil
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Fatty fish
  • Fruits and vegetables

Adjusting your diet and engaging in light exercise should help with your pain. But if you’re still experiencing cramp pain, it may be time to turn to heat treatment. 

How to relieve cramp pains with the benefits of heating pads like Biomat.

It may sound too good to be true, but professional devices like the Biomat are incredibly helpful when it comes to treating cramp pains. 

What types of cramp pains is the Biomat good for?

Muscle cramps can be caused by overuse, lack of nutrients, stress, or any other things – but luckily, heat can help relieve cramp pain caused by most core triggers.  

However, there are a few important exceptions to this rule. 

If you experience intense and long-lasting muscle cramps, you may be experiencing a blood clot or other serious health issue. These serious, acute issues cannot be treated at home. 

If your level of cramp pain and intensity is abnormal for you, see your physician. 

Your health is important, and these types of issues can be very serious! Advocate for yourself, and trust your body to know when something is not right.  

Can the Biomat be used for symptoms other than cramp pain? 

Yes! Heat therapy helps your circulation stay consistent throughout your body, which can target not only muscle pains but also joint discomfort, stiffness, and soreness.  

Increased circulation has health benefits on its own, even when not treating specific symptoms. It’s key to maintaining optimal health – blood and oxygen flow freely through your body, and your organs get a steady supply of everything they need. 

Your blood circulation helps everything from wound healing to heart health, so you may want to use the Biomat even when not experiencing cramp pains.


Are heating pads and using the Biomat safe?

Yes– depending on the type of heating pad. One great option is the Biomat, which is incredibly high quality and built for safety and healing. 

However, heating pads that go to very high temperatures or are poorly built may cause you to overheat, or at the very worst, burn your skin.  

It’s imperative to choose a high-quality one to ensure it’s completely safe and give you peace of mind, even if you fall asleep with it on. 

How many times per day can I use the Biomat?

The Biomat can be used as little or as much as you like!  

Using it continuously for at least thirty minutes provides the level of benefits to achieve heat therapy, but even short-term heat can relieve symptoms temporarily. 

Using it in the morning and before bed can ensure that your day is pain-free, as well as your evening. 


How do you use a Biobelt for relieving cramps?

A perfect product to ensure therapeutic levels of heat is achieved is the Biobelt

This innovative portable device is compact and versatile, as it can be charged and strapped to whichever muscle is cramping and causing pain, without moving.  

The Biobelt goes above and beyond for relieving pain using semi precious stones and far infrared rays to target not only cramps but also abdominal fat and joint pain. 


You can find freedom from cramp pains. 

These methods, or a combination of these methods, can free you from cramp pains and allow you to return to enjoying your daily life. 

It is essential to reduce mental and bodily stress, and as each one improves the other, it is up to you where to start.  

But rest assured, after you have achieved stress, inflammation, and cramp pain reduction with these methods, your entire life will become happier, easier, and more comfortable. 

By using our products, you take cramp pain relief and health boosting heat with you everywhere you go.