How to Relieve Cramps From Periods Quickly

October 28, 2022

How to Relieve Cramps From Periods Quickly

Period cramps can be debilitating for some women, but there are solutions available to ease symptoms.

Every month, most women experience some level of discomfort as a result of their menstrual cycle, and pain levels often fluctuate between female bodies depending on certain hormones present. 

Whether it be throbbing pain in the lower abdomen or all over body tension and muscle aches, period cramps can be unpredictable month-to-month and can lead to further feelings of lethargy and fatigue. 

Female hormones are complex, and although women can try and prepare as much as possible for a new cycle, there unfortunately isn’t any way of knowing how extreme next month's period cramps are going to be. 

Having reliable, go-to solutions to ensure that period cramps don’t begin to control your life is important, and can help you to maintain strong levels of nourishment and self-care during this time. 

Understanding the menstrual cycle better can help to maintain period cramps more effectively. 

The most common type of menstrual cramp is caused by ‘prostaglandins’ being released from the uterine lining in excess, in preparation for shedding. 

This process helps the uterus to contract and relax, and supports the endometrium to fully detach and then be released from the body. 

This is a necessary part of any menstrual cycle, however as these hormones are released in excess, the pain can be unpredictable and can often require additional solutions to manage and reduce the pain. 

There are two main types of period pain that women can experience

Primary dysmenorrhoea

Primary dysmenorrhoea is the most common type of period cramp and is the pain that women experience from their very first period cycle or shortly after. 

This cramping pain is typically located in the lower abdomen and the height of these symptoms will occur between days 1-3 of the cycle, and should become less painful between days 4-6.

This is a natural kind of period cramping and does not happen as the result of any underlying conditions. 

Secondary dysmenorrhoea.

Secondary dysmenorrhoea is less common and occurs when a woman has an abnormal disorder inside her reproductive organs. 

The most common disorder that causes this type of period cramping is endometriosis, however other abnormal health conditions can also cause this to occur, such as PCOS, uterine fibroids or infections in the pelvic region. 

The easiest way to determine the difference between primary and secondary dysmenorrhoea is by the nature of the pain and how long it lasts.  

Primary dysmenorrhoea will generally only last during the menstrual cycle, however secondary dysmenorrhoea will often get worse over time and will occur in between menstrual cycles as well. 

The intensity of period cramp symptoms fluctuate depending on individual personal circumstances 

Some women will report period cramp symptoms easing as they get older, whilst others experience more intensified period cramping above the age of 40.  

Each woman’s experience with period cramps are specific to her body and should be assessed and managed on an individual basis. 

Factors such as childbirth can determine how period cramp symptoms might change throughout the course of life. It is important for all women to monitor their personal situation when it comes to their cycles and always make self-care and nourishment a priority. 

So how do you relieve period cramps at home?

Hydration is key 

As your estrogen and progesterone levels are low during your period, your body retains more water and therefore, a lack of water in your system can enhance period cramp symptoms. 

Drinking water and herbal teas is one of the best natural ways to alleviate period cramp symptoms. Drinking ten glasses of water a day during your period is ideal as this will flush unwanted toxins out of the body. 

Herbal teas are also great for staying hydrated during this time, and some teas are more effective than others due to antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in the teas. 

Our top teas to drink during your menstrual cycle are Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, Chamomile Tea and Ginger Tea. 

Heat therapy has been proven effective for the treatment of period cramps for many centuries

Although there are many remedies available to ease period cramps these days, heat therapy is known as the most natural and effective remedy by far. 

This healing modality is one of the most traditional forms of treatment for period cramps, mainly due to the fact that it is the only remedy that naturally targets and also relaxes the lower abdomen muscles at the source. 

Not only does heat therapy make curing period cramps more effective overall, but has also been proven to provide relief for a longer period of time compared to other remedies. 

The Biobelt is the perfect solution for easing period cramps every month

During your menstrual cycle, it is important to have a remedy for period cramps that you can rely on, and that will help you to continue living as normal during this time. 

When you’re experiencing period cramps, the convenience of having a belt that easily fits around your stomach and immediately soothes the pain in that area is the perfect go-to remedy. 

Whether you’re relaxing in front of the television, doing some work at the computer or going for your daily walk, you can wear the Biobelt and continue to maintain feelings of relaxation and relief from period cramps all day long. 

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