How to Treat Sore Neck Muscles and Relieve Pain

November 05, 2022

How to Treat Sore Neck Muscles and Relieve Pain

Neck pain can stop us from enjoying everyday life, but there are ways to start feeling good again. 

Neck pain can be the result of many different issues occurring underneath the surface within our bodies. 

Whether you’ve had an accident, are experiencing heavy levels of stress or have an autoimmune condition, the human body is complex and having the right support to get us back on track can help to make neck pain a little easier to deal with. 

In this article, we will explore everything there is to know about neck pain, why it occurs and some natural, effective ways for treating neck pain that can help you continue on with your daily life. 

Understanding the problem and being more aware can help us with treating neck pain

A common mistake to be made when treating neck pain is not understanding what is causing the pain. When we do, it can better assist us with finding the right treatment and solution. 

Nerve pain 

Nerve pain is often a normal part of experiencing an injury or accident and happens as a result of inflammation or damage close to the spinal cord. This can cause a range of feelings, such as burning, numbing or pins and needles, and can often be triggered by other factors within the body. 

Bone Pain 

Bone pain can also be caused by injury or accident, however other underlying health issues should also be considered if bone pain is present. There might be inflammation occurring around the bones themselves, fracturing or bone weakness could be taking place. 


There are many different types of arthritis and every kind has the ability to cause neck pain. Arthritis is caused by inflammation of the joints, which can directly affect the surrounding areas and parts of the body that lead up to the neck. People can also often experience ‘neck cracking’ due to arthritis around the neck area, followed by headaches being caused as a result of neck pain going untreated. 

Muscle spasms 

Muscle spasms generally occur as a result of the sudden and unexpected contraction of a muscle. This can also be triggered by spinal disc problems and when it takes place, it can cause swelling and tightness in the affected area. 

A sore neck can last a short period of time or longer, depending on the cause

Depending on the type of pain your situation falls under, a sore neck can be quickly fixed within a few days, or can require additional support in order to start feeling better. 

This is due to the process in which the cause of underlying condition needs to take place in order to begin healing. 

Three of the best natural remedies for neck pain 

1- Apply something cold or ice the neck area

For a new injury, applying cold therapy to the area can be a great way to ease initial swelling and help to start the recovery process. This should be done as quickly as possible after the injury, to avoid any further pain or complications. 

2- Apply heat to the area 

Applying heat to a tender neck area can also be great to bring down inflammation and increase circulation, however this approach is better for injuries that have been present for over a week or so, and the initial 24-48 hour window has passed. 

3- Perform basic neck exercises routinely 

Giving your neck a gentle stretch during a time of stiffness and soreness can begin to create movement and from there, start the healing process. 

Lateral neck stretch 

  • The lateral neck stretch is a fantastic way to work the muscles on the side of your neck and is ideal to do after a long period of sitting at a desk or in a chair. 

  • To stretch the right side, take your left hand and put it on your head above your right ear, then pull your left ear down to your left shoulder. 

  • This should give you a light stretch and it's important that it doesn't feel uncomfortable. Do this on each side and hold for around 30 seconds. Once or twice a day is ideal. 

Neck rotation stretch 

  • This basic rotation exercise aims to Increase your mobility so that you are able to look over your shoulders more easefully. It’s also great for treating neck pain if you often feel stiff in the neck or experience numbness. 

  • Sit down comfortably with your back up straight, turn to one side and then assist the turn with your thumb and back part of hand. Apply a light amount of pressure and hold for up to two minutes 

Neck extension stretch 

  • This stretch is two-fold and helps to form better alignment within the body and is great for opening out the muscles at the back of the neck. 

  • From a seated position, bring your head down and put your thumb into the bottom of your chin and push firmly into your chin with your thumb. You will feel the muscles in the front of your neck working, and hold this for 20 seconds.

  • For the extension, bring your head into a neutral position and then push your head into your hands and hold the stretch for about 20 seconds once again. 

  • Alternation is key here, and you will get the best results when you perform the thumb to chin stretch first, then move onto the neck extension, alternating between the two. 

Biomat products can help to ease neck pain and help you start walking the path to freedom again

Biomat products use infrared technology as well as oscillating AC and DC computer frequencies to heat the body from the inside out. This is particularly effective when treating sore muscles, stiffness and neck pain.

The Far Infrared Technology is used to relieve pain and stress in the entire body by expanding the smaller blood vessels and capillaries. From there, circulation increases and the inflammation in the back begins to become reduced. 

Neck pain doesn’t need to affect your happiness and wellbeing any longer 

Although experiencing ongoing neck pain can be painful and uncomfortable, treating neck pain doesn’t have to be hard. 

If you’re experiencing neck pain on an ongoing basis, it is important to have the right support to help you soothe yourself and feel better during these times 
The Biomat Professional is a great option for those looking to relax the neck muscles and bring down inflammation in both the neck area and upper back. 

The Biobelt is also a fantastic solution to circulate blood flow in the neck region and ease any lingering pain. Simply place the belt behind the head from one shoulder to the other and let the healing properties work their magic.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat medical conditions. Please consult with a qualified health practitioner before beginning any new health program.