Using the Richway Biomat Post-Workout

March 25, 2020

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After a strenuous workout, many people find their bodies very sore and tired. However, using the Richway Biomat after exercising can aid users achieve the relaxation and sleep necessary to recover and prevent injury.



The concepts underlying the Biomat’s technology and post-workout benefits were formulated through a mixture of modern science and holistic healing. Researchers discovered that the Biomat technology helps ion channels in the human body stimulate cells and cell membranes, which is very important post-workout. The second technology underlying the Biomat’s significance in workout recovery is the concept of light therapy or far infrared spectrum therapy. The beneficial properties of light therapy rejuvenate the skin and reduce fine lines through laser light. The last technology incorporated into the Biomat is the use of amethyst stones as a traditional way of healing. The Biomat’s stones release both positive and negative charges that simultaneously heal the body through piezoelectric properties. 

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Healing Post-Workout with the Richway Biomat

Biomat stretching post-workout is a practical approach to improving flexibility, posture and range of motion after exercising. Likewise, it enhances blood circulation, reduces muscle tension and pain, prevents injury, and eliminates toxins. Various stretching techniques can be performed to receive the maximum benefits of the Richway Biomat technology, which users can experience after a 30-minute session. 

The Richway Biomat also has superconducting properties produced by the amethyst layer through which far infrared rays pass through. This layer turns the far infrared rays into wavelengths capable of penetrating the body, safely and intensely. 

People who workout must stay consistent with their post-workout recovery, and the Biomat heightens people’s ability to maintain an adequate, essential recovery routine. The Biomat technology can help post-work through: 

  • Increased adequate, quality sleep 

The Biomat contains amethyst stones, which can help one get proper, quality sleep. People with insomnia often experience tiredness and mood problems such as irritability, anxiety, lack of energy and concentration, and headaches. These symptoms often lead to poor performance at work, school or in the gym. In the long run inadequate sleep increases the risks of hypertension, depression, heart illnesses, and obesity. The Richway Biomat technology helps users get more quality sleep, allowing them to better recover from an intense workout and stay healthy.

  • Reduced muscle tension and inflammation

The infrared heat of the Richway Biomat heals the body more thoroughly than conventional heating pads, causing it to reduce swelling more effectively. These rays warm deep inside your body, as well as the part of your body making contact with the Biomat. After a workout session you might need to relax your muscles, and the Biomat’s far infrared rays can aid with this while promoting the healthy well-being of the mind and body. 

Using infrared heat as a muscle relaxation technique post-workout can help release tight muscles and keep them loose longer. Other muscle benefits to using the Biomat post-workout include preventing minor muscle and joint pain, stiffness, joint pain associated with arthritis, minor sprains, muscular back pain, and small strains.

  • Increased blood circulation

The Biomat also helps increase circulation, and having adequate blood circulation is vital to reducing muscle pain and tension. Poor blood circulation is often characterized by the inability of oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to reach parts of the body. The Richway Biomat can help improve blood circulation through the generation of far-infrared heat as this technology dilates the blood vessels, which allows oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to circulate throughout the entire body. This is especially important after working out because with good blood circulation more oxygen-rich blood can reach the fatigued muscles and aid in the recovery process.

Our body systems are always working on different processes to keep us running and healthy every second of the day. The fundamentals of the Biomat technology helps users acquire better post-workout results through a combination of modern science and holism. Overall, this helps to enhance the body in terms of quicker healing of muscle spasms and muscle pain, improved blood circulation, and reduced joint pain after workouts. 

Do you want a better way to recover after working out and exercising? Improve your post-workout regimen to experience optimal relaxation and relief by purchasing a Richway Biomat through