What is Infrared Therapy and its Benefits?

March 03, 2023

What is Infrared Therapy and its Benefits?

Believe it or not, you are actually exposed to infrared light all the time. That’s right, you may not exactly know what infrared therapy is, but your body definitely does. Whenever you are bundled up by the fire or strolling in the sunshine, you are exposing your body to infrared light rays.

But here’s the best part: you don’t need to risk skin damage from the sun or even sit by candlelight every night to experience a few of those infrared benefits. There is a highly acclaimed, renewed infrared therapy option that we know you’ll absolutely love … keep reading to find out what it is!

What is infrared therapy: Looking at the (uncomplicated) definition

The best way to look at infrared therapy is to think of it as a powerful energy that isn’t necessarily seen but is definitely felt. This is because infrared is a type of treatment that uses invisible low wavelengths of red light to penetrate the skin in order to holistically detoxify the body and subsequently unlock the most life-changing benefits. 

So yes, while the light may feel warm, gentle and comforting on your skin, you are comforted knowing that the benefits are more than just surface-level. They truly are skin deep.

How does infrared therapy work in Biomat?

Your body craves light. So much so that it will begin to deteriorate without it. And with us human beings spending so much time indoors, we forget that our bodies desperately need light in order to achieve optimal health. And that is where Biomat’s unique and specialized form of infrared technology comes in.

The built-in, FDA-approved infrared therapy technology in our Biomats allow you to harness all of those delightful healing energies from the sun, without exposing your body to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

Essentially when you are exposed to our exclusive infrared light therapy, the cells in your body will absorb the light emitted from our Biomats. Once absorbed, all of that radiating light will kickstart a number of natural processes that will heal and rejuvenate your body. All of this happens on a cellular level – where it counts most!

What is infrared therapy: Understanding the benefits of Biomat

Increased healing process

The reality is that while every person’s natural healing process operates differently, you can be rest assured that with the addition of the protective crystal, Amethyst, you will instantly notice that our Biomats are able to supercharge your body’s healing abilities, meaning faster pain relief for you.  

Improved organ health

Biomat’s use of renowned far infrared therapy means a significant increase in the oxygen supply to each extremity, and organ found in the body. This will allow for greater gut health, metabolic functioning and stimulated cell health.   

Stimulates weight loss

While the primary function of Biomat is not to help with weight loss, one cannot ignore this secondary benefit. By ensuring that our prominent far infrared technology stimulates the body’s thermoregulatory process and heart rate, you will begin to sweat out all of the toxins in your body. This will help you sweat out excess fat. 

Improved skin appearance

When making use of our Biomat, you will most likely notice its contribution to your body’s skin rejuvenation process - without any trauma to your skin barrier. This is because our elite technology has been known to significantly increase your skin’s collagen density.

Alleviated muscle pain

One of the core healing functions of our infrared therapy can particularly be seen through Biomat’s ability to trigger the growth and repair of muscle tissues. This means that your body’s natural repair process is accelerated significantly every time you use the mat.

Improved sleep cycles

By exposing your body to the power of Biomat’s infrared light therapy, you increase your body’s natural circadian rhythm. This in turn will help produce more melatonin in the body, which means longer, deeper sleep.

Increased immune health

During a Biomat therapy session, your energy cells will begin to regulate an important gland found in the body: the thyroid. Biomat has also been known to help stimulate the lymphatic system to create and replicate more cells built specifically to fight off disease and illness.

What is infrared therapy: How I can bring the power of Biomat home

You can now harness all of the healing energies of infrared therapy at home with the help of Biomat.

It is important to remember that Biomat’s professional heating pads have been expertly designed with far infrared technology that can be safely and easily used at home. By leveraging the power of this expert technology, you will be able to promote optimal health – with minimal effort from your side.

In fact, you can easily start doing thermotherapy at home with the Biomat professional or simply apply this heat to affected areas on your body with the Biobelt or various other Biomat options.

Your journey towards healing and holistic health starts now … All you have to do is click here to begin!

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat medical conditions. Please consult with a qualified health practitioner before beginning any new health program.