What Is Pleurisy Chest Pain and How to Treat It

November 19, 2022

What Is Pleurisy Chest Pain and How to Treat It

Pleurisy chest pain can lead to a low quality of life, but there are effective solutions for treating pleurisy at home

Every day, each of us wake up with the desire to feel good, smile and enjoy life to its fullest. 

Spending time with the ones we love, enjoying spending the day outside the house and maintaining good health are basic luxuries, and pleurisy chest pain can unfortunately make it almost impossible to experience this quality of life. 

There are many ways that pleurisy chest pain can show up in the body and affect our health. Let’s explore what pleurisy chest pain actually is, how you can begin treating pleurisy at home and start feeling like your best self once again. 

What is pleurisy and what are the most common symptoms? 

‘Pleurisy’ is a condition in which the outer lining of the lungs become inflamed and chest pain occurs as a result.

Pleuritic pain is the most common symptom of pleurisy, which causes sharp, stabbing pain in the chest area and can make normal breathing extremely difficult. 

This pain can often spread to the shoulders and can cause an ongoing constant ache around these areas in some cases. A cough, feelings of fatigue and a fever are also very commonly reported symptoms of pleuritic pain. 

Pleurisy can range from mild to serious, and this often depends on other factors at play, such as underlying health conditions and the severity of the inflammation.  

Pleurisy cases should always be managed on a case by case basis

The good news for some is that pleurisy will often go away on its own if it was originally caused by a viral infection. If the condition however has been caused by a bacterial infection, this will need to be treated with a course of antibiotics or other medication prescribed by a medical professional. 

Removing harmful toxins from the body and consuming wholesome foods can help fight the symptoms 

When taking the necessary steps towards treating pleurisy at home, smoking should be avoided whilst pleurisy is present in the body, to ensure the airways are clear and the lungs have the best chance to heal. 

Heavily processed foods with high levels of carbohydrates should also be avoided, with a big focus on consuming leafy greens, fruits and wholegrain foods. 

The three best natural remedies for treating pleurisy at home

1- Consume natural congestion mixtures

Cleansing your lungs naturally and keeping your airways free of build up is a great way to start the healing process for pleurisy chest pain. This can either be in the form of a mixture or a drink, but the most important thing to consider here is to keep the ingredients as natural as possible. 


Turmeric is a great option for dissolving mucus in the chest area. Simply add a pinch of turmeric, add to a small portion of hot water and gargle for as long as you can. 


Although it might not be the nicest smell or taste, onions are known as one of the best remedies for clearing stubborn chest build-up. 

Simply take half a cup of onion juice and add a little honey and water. Heat the mixture just slightly and drink it slowly. You can consume this up to three times a day (as much as possible will do you a world of good). 

Honey, garlic & onion congestion mixture

Mixing garlic, onion and honey together in a small mixture is also extremely powerful in clearing the chest and airways. Simply crush up 4 cloves of garlic and a quarter of an onion in a bowl. Then add 12 tablespoons of water and 2 tablespoons of honey, mixing very well and forming a light paste. Take a spoon and eat the mixture raw, making sure to plan this out at least an hour before your next meal. 

2- Practice steam inhalation processes

Steam inhalation is the well-known and effective process of breathing in steam from clean, heated water with the aim of clearing nasal passages and airways. 

This can be done either with plain hot water, or with added natural ingredients such as essential oils or natural herbs. 

Simply place a large bowl with a large amount of hot water in front of you and add in any natural ingredients you wish. 

Open up a large towel and place it over the back of your head, covering both the bowl and yourself. Inhale the vapor and stay underneath the towel for as long as possible (or until the water is no longer steaming). 

3- Apply heat therapy to the chest area 

Applying heat directly to the affected area of pain is one of the most effective ways of treating pleurisy, due to it being the only remedy that targets the inflammation and pain directly at the source. 

It also offers the quickest results in regards to feeling soothed, relaxed and relieved of pain. 

Using Biomat products are the perfect solution for treating pleurisy at home 

Trying to navigate and heal something like pleurisy can feel like an uphill battle, and having a trusted go-to solution makes it a little easier to manage. 

Biomat products are infused with rich negative ion technology, heat therapy with exclusive far infrared technology, and amethyst healing benefits that help relax your body at home without the need of recurring to over-the-counter medications.

For those who sleep or take naps on their stomach, The Biomat Professional is a great option for bringing down inflammation in the chest area. 

For those who are more comfortable on their backs or relaxing in a chair, the Biobelt is smaller and can be conveniently placed over the body whilst watching TV or completing some work on the computer.

Start changing your habits and prevent pleurisy as well as other complications at home by bringing Biomat, wellness and mindfulness into your life.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat medical conditions. Please consult with a qualified health practitioner before beginning any new health program.