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Richway - Quantum Energy Pad Memory Foam Top

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Richway -  Quantum Energy Pad


The Quantum Energy Pad is a bedding solution developed by Richway. It is an accessory to the BioMat, but it can be used as a stand-alone device. It is made from natural, environmentally-friendly materials, including peach and grape seed extracts.

We recommend this pad for anyone who plans to sleep on the BioMat, especially for people who sleep on their side. This memory foam reduces pressure points and distributes weight more evenly, for a much softer sleeping surface. 

The Quantum Pad is also enormously better than the snugfleece wool cover that is sometimes paired with the BioMat. Snugfleece covers do have a soft texture, but there is no mechanism to redistribute weight or deal with pressure points. So as it turns out, they do not help very much for sleeping purposes.

The Quantum Pad is not necessary for daytime “burst” treatments on the BioMat, or for use in a professional setting. For these shorter treatments, the BioMat is very comfortable. You can accomplish more, in a short span of time, by using the normal quilted cotton cover on top of the BioMat.  (The cotton cover does not need to be purchased separately, it is included with the BioMat).

The Quantum Pad is more than one inch thick, although it does compress. It is extremely lightweight and permeable, which helps with infrared and negative ion transmission. But still, it is a compromise. If you are a side sleeper, or if you prefer a softer sleeping surface, the trade-off is very acceptable, since you are getting infrared and negative ion treatment for so many hours.

The outer portion of the Quantum pad can be removed and machine washed.

It has a 6 Layer Structure:

Microfiber Fabric Cover
Microfiber Layer
Quantum Energy Layer
Liquid Tourmaline Layer
3D Mesh Cover (3mm)


The outer portion of the Quantum pad can be removed and machine washed.



The Quantum Energy Pad includes these accessories:
Zipper Travel Bag
Documentation and RI#

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