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Future Biotechnology and Aging Science with Richway

A Quality Life is not only about living longer, but also living a
healthier life. With biotechnology,
we can open the doors of
longevity and challenge the
reversing of aging.

US Special Forces to Test Anti-Aging Pill Based on NAD+

▶ US Military tests the NAD+ boosting supplement NMN, Pterostilbene and etc.

▶ US Military has completed pre-clinical safety and dosing studies of an "anti-aging" pill and performance testing.

▶ US Military anticipates clinical trials for the small NMN Molecule that affects human performance through anti-aging and injury recovery.

What’s NMN?

▶ NMN stands for Nicotinamide Mononucleotide,
a molecule naturally occurring in all life forms.

▶ NMN is the direct precursor of the essential
molecule Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide

▶ NMN is to increase NAD+ levels in cells.

What is NAD+ ?

▶ NAD+ stands for Nicotinamide Adenine
Dinucleotide, a molecule naturally occurring
in all Cells.

▶ NAD+ is an essential coenzyme required
for life and cellular functions.
Coenzymes are ‘helper’ molecules that
enzymes need in order to function.

What Does NAD+ Do?

▶ NAD+ is the most abundant molecule in the
body besides water.

▶ Without NAD+, an organism would die.

▶ NAD+ is used by many proteins throughout the body, which repair damaged DNA.

▶ NAD+ is also important for mitochondria,
which are the powerhouses of the cell and
generate the chemical energy.

▶ According to aging theories, the accumulation of DNA damage is the main cause of aging.

▶ Older individuals experience decreased levels of NAD+.

▶ Decreased NAD+ concentrationis correlated with DNA damage.

NMN increases exercise endurance

▶ NMN as adjunct treatment may help to improve performance during exercise training.

▶ NMN may be a novel and practical strategy to increase endurance performance of athletes.

NMN Studies have shown

1. Improves insulin sensitivity

2. Enhances muscle performance in aged men

▶ Figuring out whether boosting NMN levels can enhance troop performance will be a big step toward confirming whether NMN is really improving human health.

▶ If so, increasing NMN may present an exciting way to expand the number of healthy years we live.